How to Dismiss a Speeding Ticket in Missouri

Getting pulled over for speeding is never ideal. But if you’re in the state of Missouri, you can take steps to make sure your ticket causes minimal headache. 

If you’re looking for a way to dismiss your speeding ticket outright, be prepared to head to the courtroom with an attorney in tow. Generally, you’ll need to somehow prove that you weren’t actually speeding.

But if you were pulled over and you actually were going over the speed limit, don’t worry. We’ve built this guide to help you minimize the impacts of your Missouri speeding ticket.  

What happens when you get pulled over for speeding in Missouri?

First off, it’s helpful to know what you’re up against. In Missouri, the main thing to watch is the number of points that get added to your license as a result of a violation. If you get more than four points added to your license within a 12-month period, you’ll get a notice in the mail. If you get more than eight points in 18 months, your license will get suspended for at least 30 days

Fortunately, per the current Missouri Driver Guide, speeding is a violation that lands you with just three points on your license. Careless or impudent driving gets you four points, though, and you could get stuck with that violation if you were driving far above the speed limit. 

If you’re not sure how many points you currently have on your license, you can call (573) 526-2407 or email

Make sure you show up in court after your ticket. Missouri has something called Failure to Appear in Court for Traffic Violations (FACT). If you miss your court date, the court will notify you and give you 30 days to pay your fines. If you don’t, they’ll notify the Driver License Bureau (DLB) and your license will get immediately suspended. To get your license reinstated, you’ll have to pay an additional $20 fee.

Long story short, if you get a speeding ticket in Missouri, you need to:

  • Show up to court 
  • Pay the fine and court fees (usually, this shouldn’t go over $200)
  • Keep an eye on the points on your license

How do I get points off my Missouri driver’s license?

Fortunately, in Missouri, points fall off your license over time. After one year of driving without an additional violation, your total points get reduced by on-third. In two years, the remainder of your points gets cut in half. After three years with no additional points, your point balance goes all the way back to zero.

But you don’t necessarily have to wait three years, either. Ask the court if you can get authorization to complete a Driver Improvement Program (DIP). By completing a simple online eight-hour DIP course, you can get points off your license, helping you get back to normal faster. Plus, the DIP course could even help you save on your auto insurance. 


Once you finish your DIP, make sure you submit Form 4444 promptly. When you do, points should come off your license right away so you can move past your Missouri speeding ticket.