Choosing the Best Driving School for You

Maybe you need driving school because you recently got a ticket and a court ordered you to complete a certain number of course hours. Or maybe you just want a way to get cheaper auto insurance. Whatever your reason for wanting or needing to take a driving class, you want to be sure you take the best one.

That probably means an affordable and convenient one. But you shouldn’t necessarily enroll in the first decent-looking class you find. There are four things you should look for in a driving school to find the best (and easiest to complete) option out there. 


First up, if you need driving school to get a ticket dismissed, points off your license, or to fulfill a court-ordered requirement, you can’t just take any old driving course. You need to seek out an education provider that’s been approved by your state’s DMV, MVD, or whatever the agency that oversees driver’s licenses in your state is called. 

If you don’t take your course hours with a state-approved education provider, they likely won’t count toward what you need. So double-check that any driving school you’re interested in has the stamp of approval from the appropriate state agency. 

Online school

Most people would agree that taking driving school online is significantly easier than having to head to a classroom at a specific location. If you can take your driver improvement course online, you just need to get in front of a computer, rather than having to drive somewhere else, find parking, navigate to a specific room, and all of that. 

Basically, with online driving school, you minimize the amount of time you need to set aside to complete the required hours.

On-demand course hours

Want to make it even more convenient to knock out your driving school? Look for an education provider that lets you take your hours on-demand. When you can chip away at your hours at your own pace, you can use any gaps that come up in your schedule to knock out your course. 

Plus, you won’t need to take any time off of work or school to complete your driving school. When you choose an on-demand driving school, you keep your schedule free. If something comes up on a night when you had planned to take some course hours, no worries. You can just get back to them when your calendar allows. 


You probably don’t need mobile-friendly driving school, but it’s certainly nice. If your driver training is mobile-friendly, you can take it from your phone or tablet. That means that even a trip in an Uber or 15 minutes between meetings can give you the chance to get some of your driving school completed. 

Before you know it, you’ll be done with your hours. And you’ll be well on your way to your ticket dismissal, insurance savings, fewer license points, or whatever the case may be. 

Only you can decide on the right driving school for you. But if you choose one with these four things, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a good choice. 


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