Indiana Driver Safety Program

The Indiana Driver Safety Program, or DSP as it is commonly referred to, is a BMV approved course that allows any Indiana driver to take the course and get a 4 point credit applied to their Indiana Official Driver Record.  This 4 point license credit is only applied to your driving record after successful completion of the DSP class, and the credit can only be applied once every 3 years.

We are an Indiana BMV approved provider of the Basic Driver Safety Program.  As an approved DSP class provider, we can help you get your 4 point license credit applied and satisfy any BMV requirements to complete a DSP class you may have.


Indiana Basic Driver Safety Program Course

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Our Indiana BMV approved 4 hour online driving safety class will satisfy your Indiana Driver Safety Program (DSP) Course requirements for point reduction to keep you from running the risk of having your driving privelages suspended. You can also choose to enroll in this convenient self paced defensive driving course just to apply a 4 point credit to your Indiana driver record. We'll cover many aspects of driving including:

  • Challenges on the Road
  • Defensive Driving
  • Traffic Laws of Indiana
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Requirements to Take Indiana Driver Safety Courses

  • Indiana state law provides that any person convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses within a 12 month period may be required to complete a BMV approved Driver Safety Program.
  • Individuals under 21 years of age are required to complete a DSP course if:
    • They are convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses
    • Involved in 2 or more traffic accidents
    • Or a combination of the 2 above scenarios occurs.
  • Once the BMV is notified of these convictions, a DSP course must be completed with 90 days or driving privileges will be suspended.
  • A court may also require an individual to complete a DSP course as an alternative to suspension of driving privileges.