Indiana Basic Driver Safety Program Course


4 Hour Course

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This 4-hour Indiana Driver Safety course will either work to fulfill your state-mandated requirements or will assist you in reducing driving points. The comprehensive course will cover the many challenges of driving, and how to better prepare yourself for the road in an interactive an engaging manner. Through a series of slides, videos, and review questions, this is course is sure to keep your interest while being informative and meeting the BMV requirements. 


We'll go over everything from the basics of the program, to managing your vehicle, operating a vehicle under the influence and even Indiana specific traffic laws. Our top notch customer service team is available if you have any questions along the way. And, as usual, the course is 100% online, mobile friendly, and available anytime at your own pace. 


Please call in to our customer service team if you would like to make a request for physical media.

  • Section 1: Challenges on the Road
    • Video 1.1: Introduction to the Indiana Basic Driver Safety Program
    • Lesson 1: Challenges on the Road [4 Activities]
      • 01. Lesson 1, Part 1 Challenges Faced by Novice Drivers
      • 02. Lesson 1, Part 2 Challenges Faced by Aging Drivers
      • 03. Lesson 1, Part 3 Sharing the Road with Pedestrians and Other Vehicles
      • 04. Lesson 1, Part 4 Differences between Urban, Rural, and Expressway Driving, and how to Prepare for Those Differences
    • Video 1.2: Occupant Restraint Devices and Child Restraint Devices (Child Seats)
    • Lesson 1 Quiz (10 questions)
  • Section 2: Managing Your Vehicle
    • Video 2.1: Principles of Defensive Driving
    • Lesson 2: Managing Your Vehicle [3 Activities]
      • 01. Lesson 2, Part 1 Effects of Vehicle Maintenance on Driver Safety
      • 02. Lesson 2, Part 2 Defensive Driving Space Cushion and Stopping Distance
      • 03. Lesson 2, Part 3 Defensive Driving Distracted Driving and Other Unsafe Behaviors
    • Video 2.2: Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances
    • Lesson 2 Quiz (10 questions)
  • Section 3: Advanced Defensive Driving
    • Video 3.1: How to Avoid Drivers Who Demonstrate Unsafe Behavior
    • Lesson 3: Advanced Defensive Driving [6 Activities]
      • 01. Lesson 3, Part 1 Defensive Driving Information Related to Traffic Signals and Controls
      • 02. Lesson 3, Part 2 Information Related to Lane and Road Markings, Traffic Circles (and Roundabouts), and Right of Way Provisions
      • 03. Lesson 3, Part 3 Defensive Driving Information Related to Proper Stopping Distance, Turn Signal Usage, and Tailgating
      • 04. Lesson 3, Part 4 Proper Vehicle Operation and Defensive Driving Techniques Specific to Standard or Extreme Environmental Weather and Road Conditions
      • 05. Lesson 3, Part 5 Defensive Driving Information Related to Turning Procedures, Lane Changes, Blind Spots, and Passing
      • 06. Lesson 3, Part 6 Defensive Driving Information Relative to Avoiding Collision
    • Video 3.2: Interactions with Law Enforcement During a Traffic Stop
    • Lesson 3 Quiz (10 questions)
  • Section 4: Traffic Laws of Indiana
    • Video 4.1: Brief Review of Select Indiana Traffic Laws Pertinent to Driver Safety
    • Select Indiana Traffic Laws Pertinent to Driver Safety - Copies of the Laws Covered in the Video [1 Activities]
      • 01. Brief Review of Select Indiana Traffic Laws Pertinent to Driver Safety The Laws Covered in the Video
    • Lesson 4: Traffic Laws of Indiana [4 Activities]
      • 01. Lesson 4, Part 1 The Habitual Traffic Violator Law
      • 02. Lesson 4, Part 2 Financial Responsibility and the Results of Operating Without Insurance
      • 03. Lesson 4, Part 3 Accident Reporting
      • 04. Lesson 4, Part 4 Driver License Suspension (Causes and Consequences); How to Obtain an Indiana Driving Record; & Reinstatement Requirements
    • Video 4.2: Conclusion of the Class
    • Lesson 4 Quiz (10 questions)
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of completion

Instructor Bio

rob robison driving teacher avatar
Rob Robison is the Subject Matter Expert for At Your Pace Online’s Driver Safety courses. He has a Bachelors degree from Master’s College and spent 37 years in the oil industry, traveling throughout the West. He has driven, in his words, “a million miles” on all types of roads, from dirt tracks to L.A. freeways. It was during these years that he developed a true respect for the privilege of driving and came to understand the need and value for safe driving education. Being exposed to highway conditions both on a motorcycle and in autos and other vehicles gave him valuable lessons in traffic safety. Rob holds a teaching certificate from the state of Arizona for Driver Safety, as well as multiple state course presentations for At your Pace Online Driver Safety.