How Traffic Tickets Impact Car Insurance Rates in Florida

We’ll level with you: in pretty much any state, if you get a speeding ticket and you don’t do anything to get it off your record, your car insurance rates will probably go up. That’s true in Florida, too, but the issue gets a little complicated.

Why? For starters, there are two different types of speeding tickets you can get in the Sunshine State. Then, to muddy the waters even further, the penalties attached to your ticket vary from county to county and municipality to municipality. And what’s relevant is the location where you got the ticket. So even if you’re familiar with the laws in your home county, you could find yourself facing some uncertainty after seeing those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview.

Ultimately, though, you came here to find out one thing: will you have to pay more for car insurance after a Florida speeding ticket? Let’s get you the answer. 

Florida traffic tickets and auto insurance

Companies that insure drivers in Florida need a way to keep tabs on your driving behavior. If you can show that you’re a safe driver who isn’t getting tickets or causing accidents, you’ll usually pay less for your car insurance policy.

On the flip side, though, a black spot on your driving record — like a traffic ticket — tips your insurer off to your less-than-ideal behaviors behind the wheel. And they can impose higher car insurance premiums because of that. Experts say that a single ticket can leave you with a rate hike of anywhere between 7 and 28%. All told, you’re probably looking at paying at least a couple hundred more each year for your car insurance.

And that’s just for your first ticket. The more tickets you get, especially in a short window of time (think: a few years), the more you could see your rates climb. In fact, too many tickets might mean your insurance company cancels your policy altogether. 

Does that mean you should just skip the insurance policy? Nope. It’s required by Florida state law. So you’ll be left scrambling to find a new policy so you can hit the road, and that means paying a pretty penny for it.

There is good news here, though. You might be able to avoid the insurance rate bump after a Florida ticket. 

How to avoid a car insurance rate hike after a ticket in Florida

In some jurisdictions in Florida, you might be eligible to take a driver improvement course after your ticket. And doing so could mean that judgment for your ticket is withheld and points won’t go on your license. Assuming you didn’t cause a car accident and you’re eligible to complete your driver improvement course to have judgment withheld, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) specifically says, “Insurance companies cannot impose or request an additional premium.” In other words, they can’t hike your rates after your ticket.

Not every driver will be eligible to take the driver improvement course to avoid an insurance rate bump. Specifically, you can’t take it if you have a commercial driver’s license or if your ticket was for a criminal violation.  

You also only have 30 days from the date of your citation to elect to take your basic driver improvement course to avoid points on your license and pricier car insurance. So if you recently got a ticket, the clock’s ticking. 

If you’re eligible, find a FLHSMV-approved basic driver improvement training and get it done. If you got your citation in Miami-Dade County, we’ve got you covered.