Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic

A & & Better Traffic School is an approved online Driver Improvement Clinic and Vendor through the Virginia DMV. Taking our course will assist you in whatever situation you may find yourself, whether you've been court-ordered to attend a Driver Improvement Clinic, you'd like to remove up to 5 demerit points or add up to 5 safe driving points to your record, or for insurance discount purposes.

If you have any questions about the process of enrolling, taking, completing, or reporting this course, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Help Staff at 877-724-6150!

*Note: this is not the 8 Hour Driver's Manual Course.


Virginia 8 Hour Driver Improvement Course

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This eight-hour online course fulfills all the requirements for a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic. This class offers licensed drivers in Virginia an opportunity to earn up to 5 safe driving points and address either of these two situations:

  • A court has ordered you to take a Driver Improvement Clinic
  • You'd like to remove up to 5 demerit points and/or add up to 5 safe driving points to your record

Some also opt to take the Driver Improvement Clinic in order to receive a discount on their car insurance premium.

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VA Driver Improvement Clinic Requirements

This Course is Virginia DMV Licensed

Here's Our Certificate

If you have been court-ordered to take this course:

  • It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts this computer-based driver improvement clinic to satisfy court required driver improvement course. 
  • If you are under age 20, this computer-based driver improvement clinic requirement. You must satisfactorily complete a clinic that provides classroom instruction. 
  • Once you finish the course, we will report your completion within 24 hours to the DMV. 
  • If you are required by the court to attend a driver improvement clinic, your court will determine if you are to be awarded safe driving points. You must present documentation from the court to the driver improvement clinic before DMV can award points. Safe driving points will not be awarded if the clinic does not receive this documentation.

If you are taking this course to add or remove up to five points from your driving record:

  • If you have been required by the DMV to take a driver improvement course, safe driving points are awarded for drivers 18 and over. Drivers under age 18 will not be awarded safe driving points if the clinic attendance was required by DMV.
  • If you are voluntarily taking this course to add or remove points, they will be awarded upon completion and reporting to the DMV.

If you are taking this course in order to receive an insurance discount:

  • You must make sure that your insurance company will award you with a discount on your insurance. As a clinic and course provider, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a discount. No safe driving points will be awarded if you take the course for insurance purposes.