Missouri Driver Improvement Program

If you have been charged with a moving violation, you can appear in court and request permission to take a Driver Improvement Program to avoid point assessment on your record. If approved, passing this course will keep those points off your record. This course can only be taken once every 36 months for point removal, and only with prior approval. 

The course is online, and available anywhere you have internet so you can complete it at your own pace. We make it fast, easy, and affordable. The citation was a hassle, but your defensive driving school doesn't have to be.


Missouri 8 Hour Driver Improvement Program

clock hour icon 8h course

This online Driver Improvement Program meets or exceeds the standards for an 8-hour online defensive driving class set by the NSC. Among the topics covered are: 

  • Principles of Defensive Driving 
  • How to Avoid a DWI
  • Sharing the Road Safely
  • Right-of-Way, Speeding, Tailgating, and Blind Spots 
  • Texting & Driving
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Requirements to Take a Missouri Driver Improvement Program Course

To avoid points from being assessed from a moving violation:

  • Appear in court and request permission to take a DIP (Driver Improvement Program)
  • Take our Missouri-approved DIP course and pass with a 70% or better
  • Be ready with your court conviction information, so we can fill out your Form 4444. You can find this information by contacting your court or going to Missouri's court database online.
  • Submit your filled Form 4444 either to the Missouri Department of Revenue, or directly to your court in special cases. Remember, you have 60 days from your conviction date to complete this course, and 15 days from your completion date to send in Form 4444.

To receive an insurance discount:

  • Contact your insurance provider to see what kind of discount you can receive
  • Enroll in and complete this course with a 70% or better
  • Submit your Certificate of Completion to your insurance provider