Speeding Ticket Fines and Penalties In Florida

Maybe you were rushing somewhere, or maybe you just weren’t paying attention to how fast you were going. No matter why you were speeding, the odds are high that the officer who pulled you over won’t factor in your excuse. You’re probably looking at a speeding ticket. 

The good news is that the speeding ticket won’t add enough points to your license to risk suspension (unless you get pulled over a bunch). But it will mean some out-of-pocket costs, from the fine for the ticket itself to an uptick in your insurance costs. 

Here’s an overview of all of the Florida speeding ticket costs you need to be ready for after getting pulled over. 

How much is a speeding ticket in Florida?

In Florida, the fine you get hit with after a speeding ticket is called a civil penalty or civil fine. 

Per Chapter 318 of the Florida Statutes, the base civil penalties for speeding are:

  • $25 for 6-9 mph
  • $100 for 10-14 mph
  • $150 for 15-19 mph
  • $175 for 20-29 mph
  • $250 for 30 mph and above

But that’s just the start. To further complicate matters, you might face additional fines for speeding in certain areas, like a legally posted school zone or construction zone. Usually, you’ll get $50 added for school zone speeding and your civil fine will get doubled for speeding in a construction zone. 

Beyond all this, each county gets to set the full civil penalty for speeding within their county borders, and they get to add surcharges (basically, court administration fees). So your exact Florida speeding ticket costs will depend on how fast you were going and where you get pulled over. 

Check your ticket. It should tell you how much you need to pay — and by when. If you lost it, contact the county clerk right away to make sure you don’t miss the deadline for paying your civil penalty. 

Will my auto insurance cost more after a Florida speeding ticket?

The civil penalty and surcharges aren’t the only thing that will cost you after a Florida speeding ticket. You’ll also probably see your auto insurance premiums go up — and they’ll usually stay that way for a few years after your conviction. 

NerdWallet conducted a study and found that Florida’s in the middle of the road when it comes to insurance rate hikes after a speeding ticket. Specifically, the average driver with normal coverage (liability, collision, and comprehensive) will pay about $600 more a year after a speeding ticket. 

How can I reduce the Florida speeding ticket costs?

You have a chance to reduce the civil penalties and insurance rate hikes we’ve discussed.  If you take a state-approved basic driver improvement course within 30 days of your citation, you can get as much as an 18% reduction in your fees. On top of that, the points that would otherwise go on your license, alerting your auto insurer to raise your rates, can get withheld, protecting you from higher premiums.

These perks apply to specific speeding tickets. Generally, you can’t be charged with reckless driving to get these benefits. And, again, details vary from county to county. But if you’re interested in taking a four-hour, online driver course to avoid the biggest headaches associated with a Florida speeding ticket, contact the county clerk for more information to confirm you’re a candidate, then sign up for your course today.