Idaho 6 Hour Traffic School


6 Hour Course

Approved By: Idaho Transportation Department Division of Motor Vehicles

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This 6 hour Traffic School course is approved by the Idaho Department of Transportation's Division of Motor Vehicles, and can help a driver remove 3 points from their driving record. By removing 3 points from their records, drivers can possibly avoid further DMV action against their drivers license and possibly lower their insurance rates. Talk to your insurance provider to see if you can receive a discount on your rates!

The course has to be taken BEFORE a suspension for an accumulation of points takes place. The course will not help if taken after a suspension.

This course is made up of seven segments that cover all the required subject matter from the state. They are:

  • The Road and Driving in Idaho
  • Directions for Drivers
  • Driving Environments
  • Drivers
  • The Physical Limits of Driving
  • Negative Factors on Our Bodies
  • Safety Strategies

At the end of the course is a 25 question final quiz that the student must achieve an 80% score to pass. The student may attempt the final exam as many times as needed to pass. Once the student had passed and taken a short mandatory questionnaire, they will receive a completion certificate that they can then submit to the Idaho DMV.

  • The Road and Driving in Idaho
    • Introduction to Idaho Traffic School (Video)
    • The Road and Driving in Idaho [3 Activities]
      • 01. Speed Limits
      • 02. Speed Limits in Idaho
      • 03. Yielding
    • Emergency Vehicles (Video)
  • Directions for Drivers
    • Traffic Signs (Video)
    • Directions [4 Activities]
      • 01. Signs
      • 02. Signals
      • 03. Pavement Markings
      • 04. Interchanges and Intersections
  • Driving Environments
    • City Driving (Video)
    • Driving Environments [3 Activities]
      • 01. Rural Driving
      • 02. Highway or Interstate Driving
      • 03. Sharing the Road
    • Electronic Message Boards (Video)
  • Other Drivers
    • How Your Mood Affects Driving (Video)
    • Drivers [4 Activities]
      • 01. Distracted Driving
      • 02. Fatigue and Highway Hypnosis
      • 03. Younger Drivers (15-19)
      • 04. Mature Drivers
  • The Physical Limits of Driving
    • Physical Limits [2 Activities]
      • 01. Reaction Time
      • 02. Physical Limits, Medical Issues, and Vision
  • Negative Factors on Our Bodies
    • Driving Under the Influence [1 Activities]
      • 01. Driving Under the Influence and Other Negative Factors
    • Drowsiness (Video)
    • Other Negative Factors [2 Activities]
      • 01. Road Rage
      • 02. Technology, Hearing, and Cell Phones
    • Scanning (Video)
  • Safety Strategies
    • Night Driving (Video)
    • Preparation [2 Activities]
      • 01. Weather and Road Conditions
      • 02. Being Ready to Travel
    • The Three Second Rule (Video)
    • On the Road [1 Activities]
      • 01. On the Road
    • The Space Cushion (Video)
    • Blind Spots and Parking [1 Activities]
      • 01. Blind Spots and Parking
    • Safety Restraints (Video)
  • Final Exam
    • Final Exam (25 questions)
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Completion

Instructor Bio

rob robison driving teacher avatar
Rob Robison is the Subject Matter Expert for At Your Pace Online’s Driver Safety courses. He has a Bachelors degree from Master’s College and spent 37 years in the oil industry, traveling throughout the West. He has driven, in his words, “a million miles” on all types of roads, from dirt tracks to L.A. freeways. It was during these years that he developed a true respect for the privilege of driving and came to understand the need and value for safe driving education. Being exposed to highway conditions both on a motorcycle and in autos and other vehicles gave him valuable lessons in traffic safety. Rob holds a teaching certificate from the state of Arizona for Driver Safety, as well as multiple state course presentations for At your Pace Online Driver Safety.