New Jersey 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

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The New Jersey MVC offers drivers a chance to have two points deducted from your license, reducing the chances of a license suspension and often allowing for lower car insurance premiums. You can do this once every five years.

Most road accidents are caused by driver error. To reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident you need to understand the concept of "defensive driving." This course will provide you with tried-and-true accident-preventing techniques, presented in a vivid multimedia mixture of video, graphics, and text, with opportunities for interactivity. All topics required for defensive driving classes by the NJ MVC are covered along with some new and updated content. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • What it takes for both your vehicle and for you to be prepared for the challenges of driving;
  • The growing danger of distracted driving;
  • Why you really DO want to use that seat belt; and
  • How New Jersey continues to lead the nation in confronting and reducing DWI and how to be a part of that effort.
  • The core section of the class will cover Practical Defensive Driving Techniques, such as:
  • How to create and maintain a "space cushion";
  • Staying safe in poor driving conditions;
  • Resolving right-of-way conflicts;
  • How to deal with aggressive drivers and tailgaters;
  • How to either avoid or minimize the severity of a crash; and
  • Why speed kills.

The class will finish with a brief review of some critical traffic violations as well as what to do if you're pulled over by law enforcement.

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Instructor Bio

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Rob Robison is the Subject Matter Expert for At Your Pace Online’s Driver Safety courses. He has a Bachelors degree from Master’s College and spent 37 years in the oil industry, traveling throughout the West. He has driven, in his words, “a million miles” on all types of roads, from dirt tracks to L.A. freeways. It was during these years that he developed a true respect for the privilege of driving and came to understand the need and value for safe driving education. Being exposed to highway conditions both on a motorcycle and in autos and other vehicles gave him valuable lessons in traffic safety. Rob holds a teaching certificate from the state of Arizona for Driver Safety, as well as multiple state course presentations for At your Pace Online Driver Safety.

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